Chef, chef, chef it up!


An executive chef in ten years. Shanera Hopkins is ready to serve you up a plate.

Shanera is in school attaining an associates degree in culinary management, in hopes of finishing the rest of her schooling either in Texas or Georgia.

She's only taking general education classes because it's difficult to fit cooking classes into her schedule. Shanera would have to cut down on her job hours, and that's not something she can do.

"It's a little stressful but I manage."

Before she reached the doubled-digits in age, she was already learning how to make eggs. Shanera loved being in the kitchen with her mother Danielle Powell.

"I used to get on her nerves about trying to cook."

Danielle has played a pivotal role in her daughter's life. They have a relationship most daughters dream of having with their mother.

"She's helped me become the woman I am today," Shanera said. "I literally watched her do everything herself."


One day she's going to invite her entire family over and serve them her food. She aims to have dressing that everyone likes to eat on Thanksgiving.

Recently Shanera started doing making up on herself which led to a mini hobby. She created a business page on Facebook and has four regulars.

"It's something I enjoy doing," Shanera said. "It puts me in a happy place."

Shanera wished she could've done Whitney Houston's makeup at least once. She remembers listening to Whitney as a young girl and always asking her mom to put the blue CD in: My Love Is Your Love. Shanera's favorite song on the album is 'Heartbreak Hotel.'

It's extra cash in her pocket, but it doesn't feed her passion like cooking does.

"That's [cooking's] my first passion," she said. "I would never put that over anything else."

Aug of 2018 is when Shanera plans on graduating, and then its attaining a bachelors. 

"That's usually what my bathroom looks like every single day."

"That's usually what my bathroom looks like every single day."