He Moves in the Shadows

He has connects you wish you had. He’s making moves in secret. He’s a real estate agent turned poet and rapper. Gary Harvey (Gee Wiiz) is reaching for the top.

Gary has the best both of worlds; he’s a poet in the mind and a rapper at heart. He started doing spoken word around 2012-2013, but he’s always been into music.

Once Gary started taking his talent seriously, he was able to take off to the moon.

Gary has opened up for Angie Stone and Anthony Hamilton, he's also worked with Khari. Khari is a part of Dungeon Family which consists of Outkast.

Gary went to a poetry night and spoke one of his poems in front of 300 people. He’s never spoken in front of such a large crowd, so he closed his eyes and let his passion take over. Once he was finished the crowd was silent, but moments later they burst into a roar of claps. A promoter soon contacted him and he before he knew it, Gary was opening up for Angie and Anthony.

“The music industry is crazy,” said Gary. “It’s a business at the end of the day.”

Gary is making moves people couldn’t imagine and he’s keeping them all to himself.

He officially got involved with music in 2014 and before all of this, Gary had been playing football at University of Chicago. He was only playing football to please those around him, but it wasn’t making him happy. Gary says he could have made it to the NFL, but he ripped his ACL and other ligaments.

“That wasn’t my drive.”

Gary’s celebrity contact list grows every day. He was flying back from visiting North Carolina, where he now lives, and got stuck in Chicago. It just so happens Gary was talking to DJ Envy, but didn’t know who he was at the time. They must of had a good conversation because by the time he left, he had DJ Envy’s number. He still hasn’t used it, but he does have bragging rights.

He’s a Milwaukee native, but Charlotte, NC is where he’s building his brand. He moved out there in late 2014 because it had an open market for music and he knew he could use that to his advantage. During the time he moved out there, Gary was a real estate agent and North Carolina has the number one real estate market. And he also has family out there, so it only made sense to make that move.

While out there he was able to get his own radio show: The Mic is Yours. He talked about things that interested him such as hip-hop, poetry, black businesses and the importance of education. Gary had the chance to interview Cam Newton even if he was only for about 30 seconds.

The Mic is Yours was a learning experience for Gary. He was able to see the music industry from the media’s perspective.

“The media can practically go anywhere, if you have the credentials,” said Gary. “The media is where it’s at.”

Other than poetry and rap, Gary has his own clothing line: Lost Generation. It started off as just a website, but now he sells music and helps people get their records of the ground and on a better business track.

Gary has a plate full, but he doesn’t see it that way.

“I’m a creator,” said Gary. “Just because I’m not doing much doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything.”

Gary hasn’t forgot about his hometown. He tries his best to put Milwaukee musicians and other talents on whenever he can. When he had his radio show he played local Milwaukee rappers like Genesis Renji.

From Milwaukee to Charlotte, Gary is the man behind the scenes ready to step into the limelight. So before you think he’s not doing anything, think again.