Humble, Creative and Generous

"I wanna be appreciated," said Christopher Thompson (CT). "This music is to motivate (others)."

As one of the founders of Mission10Eleven, Christopher is an outlet for the community. What is Mission10Eleven you ask? Well according to the mission statement it's a "non-profit organization that serves the community through networking, developmental programs and community outreach." Although this isn't around anymore, Christopher and others created something similar to Mission10Eleven which is 2035 Studios. 2035 is a space for artist to be creative, whether they're a painter or a rapper like Christopher, they accept all artist.

"Our mission is protecting what art is," said Christopher. "Everything is art to somebody."

"You don't have to hold back what you feel is creative," he said. "It's okay to be artistic."

Once he became comfortable with writing to a beat, instead of freestyling, he knew being a rapper was meant for him. His friend and co-founder of 2035, Dumaine Reid, asked Christopher why doesn't he rap and since that day Christoper has been rapping. 

"I pride myself on what I'm saying."

'What Can I Say?' is Christopher's favorite song he's done. He made this song during a time when he had the feeling "I just want to be done with my EP," but he kept going. This song showed him that he can pull anything out of himself. This was a turning point for Christopher because after writing this song he felt invincible. 

"You can always dig deeper."

Christopher named his EP "Not Bad For A Blogger," because for four years he was blogging for multiple publications. He blogged about music and he made sure he always told the truth, which is why he's so respected. Again, Christopher was an outlet for someone other than himself. He gave artist a way to get their music out there, whether it was good or bad, and Christopher always made sure he gave those artists constructive criticism. 

He was the go-to-guy, and still is, for the latest poppin' new songs. Christopher has an art for knowing good music, so it only makes sense his music attracts so many people.

"I don't do it just to do it," Christopher said. "I'm very passionate."

He puts his heart into his music not for the streets, but for those kids who don't have anything or are going through something. He also wants to inspire people around his age that feel that they don't have a reason to get up, to actually get up and be somebody.

Growing up, Christopher's father and grandfather made him listen to a variety of different music because his dad wanted him to have a wide ear for music. He listens to everything from country to techno; if it sounds to nice him then you might catch Christopher listening to it.

Thanks to those two men in his life, he was able to see what a true musician looks and sounds like. Christopher loves how Prince was a true performer and did most of his music by himself from the vocals to the instruments. It's something that takes a lot of talent, which is why Christopher really appreciates Prince's music.

"I want to be a pillar for the city."

He is more than just music. Christopher is giving his city of Milwaukee what it really needs and that's positivity. 

"I want people to take life out of my music."