Master of Words

All eyes on him when his mouth opens and words come flowing out. Titus Howard is a master of words. 

He's been rapping since around 11 or 12 and writing since the age of eight. 

Titus's older brother, Oboi Jones, inspired Titus to be a writer.

Titus would rather share his emotions and whatever he's going through by writing it down because "it's an easier outlet than telling people."

Titus is a poet first, but, technically, all rappers are some type of poet. When he gets on stage and closes his eyes, he becomes powerful.

"I feel like I'm finally free."

His words are his savior and they carry him through life. 

If Titus could preform anywhere it would be at the Staples Center.

His favorite artists are Wale, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, but Wale has been holding the number one spot since Titus's younger days. He loves them as artists because their intelligence "bleeds through their music."

Titus is fighting for his dreams while still in high school. He'll be graduating from Milwaukee High School of the Arts on June 7th, then he plans on moving to Atlanta. 

He's always writing because whatever he thinks, he has to jot it down to maybe use for material. He even has material he hasn't released, but Titus plans on releasing new music in June, and he's also working on a visual. 

The goal is to have his writing take him and his people into a better life. 

"If they good, I'm good."

Titus's first love was poetry, and he fell in love with it the same time he started writing.  He remembers being in class and his English teacher was explaining the basics of poetry, and Titus thought "I should really try this poetry stuff." Not only did he try it, but he conquered it.

It doesn't matter where Titus is because he can recite his poetry to anyone, anywhere. 

"Poetry is my passion."

The best thing about poetry for Titus is that "they can't sensor your poetry." He can say what he wants when he wants, and that's a great feeling to have when the world is always trying to sensor your actions and thoughts. 

A love for marijuana. Titus can write without smoking but he does admit it enhances his work.

"It makes me dig deeper [and] makes me go harder."

He's high off life and a herb while doing something he's passionate about.

He hopes to one day visit Dubai since "everything in Dubai is better than America."

Titus's father never supported his career because he wants Titus in a more professional setting, but Titus "has never been the serious type." Other than his father, Titus's mother, brother and everyone around him supports him 100 percent. They see the potential and they just want to see it blossom into something bigger. 

One day, Titus will have his own bookstore filled with romance, action and comedy books. He loves all types of literature and he wants to share his love for words with the world. 

"Always follow your dreams."