More than a Mom

Six years of perfecting a craft. From doing it on herself to building up her own clientele, Janelle Hawkins is a makeup artist.

"I've always loved it."

She used to wear makeup whenever she went out; It wasn't until she started getting compliments that she took being a makeup artist serious.

"I used to suck, it was bad."

She's a self-teacher. By watching YouTube videos and makeup artists Kaylani and Shayla, Janelle improved her craft.

She loves watching these two girls on Instagram because they inspire her.

"They're pretty realistic," said Janelle. "They're average people."

Janelle is a mother and a wife, but that's not all she is. Her and her husband, Joshua Hawkins, have been together for seven years...going on eight on March 25th.

They both went to cosmetology school: Janelle for makeup and Joshua for barbering. She's proud of the progress they've made as a team, but, sometimes Janelle feels she puts her dreams to the side for Joshua's.

For him to be successful at what he does, Janelle has to take over her parent duties more than him. She doesn't let that affect her because she knows it will all get better.

"I have been overwhelmed, but I know there's a bigger picture," said Janelle. "We'll both be successful."

Janelle has two beautiful daughters she'll do anything for. She works to give them a life she's never had. She wants her kids to know they can be and do whatever they want in life and she's a prime example of that.

"Everything I do is for them," said Janelle. "Hopefully one day I'll be in the position to be a role model for them and other girls."

Her senior year of high school is when Janelle decided she didn't want to go to college, but, instead, cosmetology school. Her family was upset, but thanks to Joshua she had someone's support. Her family thought it was a phase, but now they know it's a lifestyle.

Through everything, Janelle wouldn't change a thing.

"I'm really happy. When I started I was a lot younger. I'm finally at a place where I'm able to focus on it."

Eventually Janelle wants to move up from her beauty advisory position at Macy's and become a vendor for a cosmetic line. She also wants to train people because she feels they are being taught the wrong way.  One day she sees herself working on sets such as fashion shows, pageants and "a lot of stuff that requires me to travel to use my artistry." 

Soon Janelle will be 24 and she'll be even better at her craft as the years go on. She's always learning and surrounding herself with positive people, so that keeps her going when she's close to giving up.

"Your past doesn't define who you are or who you want to be," said Janelle. "It gives you strength."

Janelle is ready to up her game and become the makeup artist she wants to be.

Six years later and Janelle still doesn't have her family's support. That's okay though. She now has her own family who supports and loves her the way she deserves. 

"Don't give up because somebody says you're not good enough."