Ready, Set...Now You're Plugged In

Grab your popcorn and put your slippers on because it's time to lay back and relax with the creators of Plugged In: Keynen Butler and Garahbrie Wesley. 

"We wanted to shine light on Milwaukee," said Garahbrie. 

Together Keynen and Garahbrie have put together their own television show at their college the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Garahbrie already planned on making a show, but her old partner was an illegible because of grades. It just so happened Keynen wanted a show as well, so it just seemed like fate.

"I kind of always wanted to do it (videography), but really didn't have the opportunity in high school," said Keynen.

Plugged In features talented artist, mostly musicians. Keynen and Garahbrie wanted to bring something different to Oshkosh while also celebrating talent back in their hometown of Milwaukee.

Garahbrie is the co-executive producer, script writer and the host of Plugged In. 

"I've always known what I wanted to do."

She's finally doing what she wants to instead of worrying about what her mother and aunt thought because they support her no matter what. Garahbrie started off as a nurse major, which eventually turned into biology for two weeks. Until the middle of her sophomore year, she was going for psychology, and then theatre. One day it hit Garahbrie that she had to go to school for what she loved, so she had a talk with her mother and aunt.

She's now majoring in Radio and TV Film (RTF) and Journalism.

Since attending Oshkosh, Garahbrie has pledged to Gamma Alpha Omega. She's made lifetime friends while learning life skills.

"They're all about giving back."

Plugged In is their baby, according to Garahbrie. 

"I want everybody to see our progression."

Keynen is the guy with all the coolest swords; he has a collection unlike no other. He's also the co-producer, videographer and floor director for Plugged In. They each play equals roles and depend on each other to make a quality show.

He's also a RTF major.

Keynen came up with the concept for the logo. He kept drawing plugs for no apparent reason and after a few conversations, Plugged In was in the making to become a dynamic TV show.

"There's positivity coming out of the community that you might not see but it's there."

He sees Plugged In as an outlet for the hood, and a way to show the youth and the community something new and innovative. 

"We work every day out of the week."

They want to produce quality work, so they work as long as they have to give out the best product.

Together they are unstoppable because they're both determined to achieve their goals.

They're doing something they love...what's better than that?

"I want people to know about Oshkosh and our program," Garahrbrie said. "I'm very proud of it."

Everyday is a new day to chase their dreams.

"College is pretty fun," Keynen said. "I really like the major."