One Stop Shop

"I like to do everything on my own," said Joseph Berry.

A photographer, rapper, and audio engineer...Joseph wants to be a one-stop-shop.

Joseph is a creator and he thanks his father: Jeff Berry who was an architect and building inspector for that. Jeff used to show his son building blueprints when he got home from work--those nights stuck with Joseph well into his adulthood. 

Joseph has been doing photography for two years and within that time he was able to raise his prices up to $125, and that's just the starting rate.

"I was good then but I got more of a passion for it now."

Joseph wants to be that person who can take care of all your services. From music videos to writing song lyrics, he has that one-stop-shop mindset.

"You can do everything yourself as long as you apply yourself."

He'll never forget his first photoshoot because it was his favorite. Joseph took pictures of his male model cousin Romond. They spent all night trying to find the perfect place to shoot. For it to be his very first shoot, Joseph received a lot of love.

"It was exciting getting the feedback."

Joseph started off doing music in high school, but now he's able to add a list of talents to his resume.  

He does all of these things because he loves to. Everything he's teaching himself will be used to help future generations.

"(I want to be) able to produce for my family and pass down something that can be a generational wealth."