She's Found Her Beauty Within

Kanika Bass has been modeling since grade school in churches. With her luxurious long legs, modeling was something people told her she should do.

"It's always been something I've been interested in."

And plus she's a "very photogenic person," so why not model?

She mainly works with two photographers: Tristan Rice and Charles Spence. Charles is a widely known photographer, who helps Kanika brand herself. 

"He usually puts my things out there." 

Soon she'll be releasing a Facebook and Instagram model page.

Kanika's is a biker chick, which is why her favorite shoot was of her on her motorcycle.

"I like anything dangerous."

She would love to walk the runway at one of Victoria Secret's shows because "being noticed at one of those can get you noticed anywhere."

Kanika is originally from Decatur, IL, but she went to school in Milwaukee at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee because of a track scholarship. In her younger days, Kanika would chase cars up and down her block for fun. 

Track has given her a muscular physique, that she loves, and much more.

"It's taught me how to be a group person."

She used to get made fun of because of her size and the color of her skin, but that didn't stop Kanika from being Kanika. She would be verbally and physically abused at school, until she took things into her own hands. When Kanika told her school about her bullying they did nothing and she thinks it's because of her dark skin. 

"It's not right to bully someone for how they are."

During her junior year at UWM, her friends inspired her to be the best Kanika she could be.

"They really encouraged me to follow my dreams."

She's recently just graduated on May 21st with a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design.  Kanika created a logo for her graphic design job at The Sun River Terrace Community Center, and she's also made a few designs for her cousin's clothing line.

Her love for modeling is stronger than her love for graphic design, but they do go hand and hand.

"I can design whatever I'm wearing."

From being bullied to her family not expecting her to graduate, Kanika is a fighter.

"Stay strong and follow you dreams."