The Music Move

She raps until she can’t anymore. Diamond Bankston aka Diamond Banks is an unstoppable force.

“If I see an opportunity, I reach out.”

Diamond never seems to sit still. She’s always on the go looking for her next move. She may fall short in the height department, but her lyrics raise her above her opponents. 

She began rapping around 2010-11, after leaving her lifelong dream of basketball at the back door. Diamond had been playing basketball since the second grade and planned on going to the WNBA, but music stole her heart. Diamond was juggling both basketball and music,  until she slowly started to back away from the hooper life. Her senior year of high school is when she decided music is the route she wanted to take in life.

“I’m super hungry for it right now.”

Diamond started her music career in Milwaukee and gained a good fan base, but that didn’t last long. One year and a half ago she began to lose support from those in Milwaukee, so she decided it was best to make a change. Not only for her, but for her music as well. 

March 10th, 2016 was a big day for Diamond. She packed up all of her things and moved to Texas to advance her music career.

“They support me more verses Milwaukee.”

The move wasn’t easy considering Diamond has two people to worry about: herself and her two-year-old daughter Dior. Dior goes back and forth from Milwaukee to Texas while Diamond works on her career. Her mother, Chasity Bryant, plays a big role in raising Dior. Diamond is able to chase her dreams with the help from her mother.

"Whatever I put my mind to ima try to get it done.”

Her family and friends were upset about the move, until they realized it was what’s best for Diamond. With her 12 siblings, parents and daughter, Diamond feels it’s her job to have her family's back financially. 

Diamond sees there aren’t many female rappers in the industry and that motivates her to keep pushing. If she was to ever make it to the top, she knows it was because of her pure talent and not because she’s a female.

“That makes me close to great.”

22-year-old Diamond is the personification of hard work. While working on her music career, she also attained a medical tech certification from the hospital she currently works at. Diamond knows things don’t always go as planned, so she made sure she had something to fall back on. 

She wanted to be physiatrist at a point in time.

“I always thought you should have a plan B.”

In high school Diamond had a friend who rapped and Diamond always wanted to be around that them. That friend was always in the studio, meaning Diamond was always in the studio. She went from not having a concept to having motivational tracks such as A Million ft. Lil Fat, who is a local Milwaukee rapper.

Diamond isn’t in the music industry alone; she has a squad she depends on. With her producer Trouble and her assistant Jay Tizzy, she’s able to produce quality music.

Her moves never stop. Diamond will be having her first EP release party at Hop Fusion in Forth Worth, Tx. 

“I came up with a plan and really went for it.”

It’s  been a long time since Diamond’s first performance. A man named Edward reached out to Diamond to perform at Club Onyx. Young Jeezy was looking for new artist, so he decided to have one of his competitions at the club. Diamond performed and made it to the fourth show in Chicago, but that's how far things went. 

Since then, Diamond has met other professional rappers like Kevin Gates, who is her favorite rapper. Diamond likes how true Kevin Gates is to himself. He doesn't care what others think of him.

Diamond’s progression is something she's proud of.

“’Most of the songs I put out, it's a feeling,” said Diamond. “I know I'm not the only one going through this.”