Not everyone can be so talented. Marisa Skelley is a singer, actress and writer, but, just like anyone, Marisa has a favorite: singing comes first.

"It's the only thing that makes me feel free."

No matter what she's doing, singing is in the back of her mind. 

Marisa doesn't have any current music out, but she's using this summer to record her album. The writing portion is done and now it's time to sing her heart out in the studio.

She's been surrounded by music and theater her entire life.

It all started with her Grandfather whom is Armenian. He played the violin and was in an orchestra here in the U.S.

Minneapolis is Marisa's hometown. She acted in public school plays while sometimes singing throughout the acts. 

"I love the intersection of music and theater."

She came to Wisconsin to attend University of Wisconsin-Madison where she majors in Sociology and is attaining a certificate in Global Health.

"I've always wanted to study society."

While living in Minneapolis, Marisa was involved in the student government where she worked with the youth. She also was a part of creating public bus passes for the youth that attended public schools. Now Marisa is in Spain learning about human trafficking. 

"It seems like music has taken the backseat" while she's in school. Being 20 and a full-time student can be difficult. It's usually not enough time for her to create music like she wants to. 

Marisa is expected to graduate this December and once she attains that degree then it's all about the music. 

She doesn't have any plans for after college, job wise, but that doesn't matter cause she'll be going hard for her dreams. 

Marisa has songs on top of songs ready to be recorded and released.

"I've always wanted to be famous."

The enjoyment entertainers show on television is something Marisa wants to experience. To her, it looks amazing to be doing what you love. 

Coming from a family full of entertainers and artist, Marisa's just waiting on her turn.

Her sister is in Portugal for her dancing skills and after Marisa's Spain trip, she'll be heading her sister's way to enjoy some family time.

With her many talents, Marisa always has something different on her plate. 

"All of this is an extension of who I am as a person."

Not many 20-year-old's get to live the life of Marisa. 

"I'm discovering every day to be happy with who I am."